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The Mommy Musician: Last Time

It's hard to believe that today is my last day at Proximity Cafe in Pottstown. Whenever I drive down High Street, I won't be able to stop in for coffee, or to say hello to my friends (who have become like family) and I won't take the stage again at Proximity Cafe. It is so surreal that I won't be performing again on Proximity Cafe's stage. In the two years we have been here, so many special things have happened. What has happened here is not dying it's only multiplying. 

The reason this place was special was because of the people. People make any place, experience or venture worthwhile. Even though our doors close officially at the end of this night, what has started at Proximity Cafe echoes what is happening in the community at large. We need to come together. Isolation results in loneliness and failure. Death is a grave part of the human experience but it does not have to become the reality of our souls. Community brings us together, reminds us that we are part of a whole and each of us STILL plays a part. 

Tonight, I take the stage at Proximity Cafe for the last time. But, the little seeds planted in the hearts of those who came through our doors, those who worked here and those who believed in the vision for Proximity Cafe does not end here. The seeds are springing up everywhere as we connect with people in downtown Pottstown, as we move forward building more connections one person at a time. Many people can look at what happened here at Proximity as a loss, the death of something good once again in our already struggling town. But, I have faith, faith in God that there is a purpose to everything, a season for everything. I'll wake up Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with an ache in my heart because to me, singing is my contribution to restoring the souls and hearts in our community. However, we do not lose heart because something is ending. We look forward to new beginnings, a deeper sense of community and transformation in our town one person at a time. Let us begin again, begin together and because we take time to acknowledge one another, we can be changed for good.

Posted on: May 27th, 2016


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